Calligraphy name

€40,95 EUR
€40,95 EUR
An elegant set with a first name with Arabic calligraphy and Danish in completely unique materials in the form of mirror acrylic and wood. Whether it's a child's name, a spouse's name or something else entirely – you can be creative.
Color (Arabic): Birch veneer
Color (Danish): Birch veneer

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NOTE: From first name to first name, the size may vary in Arabic depending on the different letters. The highest letter will always be a maximum of 20 cm. The Danish name is approx. 4 cm high. The colors in the pictures may vary in reality due to lighting. The wood color may also vary in color and patterns due to the natural wood. Almost all of our products with acrylic have a protective film on them. Mirror acrylics only have on the front, while other acrylics sometimes have both sides or only one side. The foil may have minor fire marks or scratches on it, as it protects the material during production and transport. For the majority of our products, we typically send adhesive (elephant's tusk) or adhesive pads for hanging on walls, doors and the like. We send it as an extra service and helpfulness, which is based on several years of experience of use and feedback from customers. It is always the customer's responsibility to assess their own walls, wallpaper, doors and other things in one's home to see whether adhesive or adhesive pads will damage one's walls, wallpapers, doors and other things. We do not take responsibility for the damage that may occur when using adhesive or adhesive pads, as the customer must know their home and assess for themselves what can cause damage to one's home and furniture.

Material: Mirror acrylic, walnut veneer, oak veneer, cherry veneer or birch veneer.
Thickness: 3-4mm


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