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Hijri Months

159.00 kr.

The greatest event after the prophecy of Muhammad, the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, was the introduction of the Islamic hijri dating. This is something that we want to empower and give ourselves and other Muslims more knowledge about – that is why we have made this unique sign, which contains the Islamic months. These are months we should know about and something we should implement in our everyday lives and pass on to our children and families – it is a powerful part of our Islamic identity. Read more below for a detailed description and important remarks.

NOTE! This product is made with UV print on acrylic. There may be minor deviations in the placement of the print on the acrylic sheet due to machine settings. You cannot use a permanent marker to write on the product. All mirror acrylic products have a gray backing that does not have a reflective mirror. The color of the mirror effect can be a bit different depending on type of material used. We also point out that on all materials there can sometimes be small and insignificant color differences as well as marks where the materials are cut and engraved on the front and back. This product must not be put in the mouth and parents must supervise their children when using it.

Material: Acrylic
Thickness: 3-4mm
Size: 16cm x 23cm

Weight 0.110 kg
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