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About us

Who are we?
We are a young married couple, who have combined our professional skills with our love for Islam to create Deenuna. A company that, through Islamic-inspired designs and products, wants to inspire and delight every human being crossing our way in life.

Where do we sell our products?
We started out as and focused on selling our products in Denmark, which turned out to be a success. Now we have grown bigger and become Deenuna, where our focus now is both Denmark and the rest of Europe – a big step out of hopefully many bigger future steps.

What is Deenuna about?
Deenuna means: “Our religion”. A religion – a lifestyle – that embraces and enriches all aspects of life. Everything from family, work, marriage, education and much more. We want to capture this enrichment in our designs and bring them to life in the form of beneficial and creative products. We hope that you will follow- and support our journey.

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